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Faculty and Staff

Information for faculty, staff, lecturers and teaching assistants in the department.

Department faculty and staff administer the department and teach the required courses for the major, undergraduate and graduate certificates and graduate degrees.

Affiliate faculty members teach courses cross-listed with women, gender  and sexuality studies and serve on our various curricular and research committees. This program structure hallmarks the uniqueness and strength of women, gender and sexuality studies at the University of Maryland. 

The department and its programs are inclusive of many disciplinary perspectives and methodologies, yet capable of encouraging new scholarship that is broadly interdisciplinary.

Department Research

The department enjoys a global reputation for new methodologies and exciting new research. 

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Classroom Support

General Purpose Classrooms are supported by the Division of Information Technology (DIT). 

Sheets indicating the party responsible for supporting each learning space are posted near the workstation and at the door to each space.

Division of Information Technology (DIT)
301-405-2500 |
Classroom Support is provided by DIT M-F 7:45 AM - 10 PM


Faculty Resources