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Interventions Biennial Graduate Conference

Since 2013, the Women's Studies Graduate Association has hosted "Interventions," a biennial graduate symposium.

Symposium Archives

Interventions No. 4: (February 2020)

The fourth biennial Interventions symposium explored temporality, genealogy, knowledge production, and pedagogical strategy through the lens of Black Feminist Thought. This year’s symposium was concerned with the history and the ongoing legacies of Black feminist knowledge production within the Department of Women’s Studies and the field at large.

Interventions No 3: Making Interventions (October 2017)

What do you make when you’re making change? What does it look like? How does it work, what work does it do? With whom do you make it?

The free, one-day conference hosted presentations and panels, workshops and performances from scholars, artists, makers, inviting attendees to engage with collaborative, creative, and interdisciplinary feminist scholarship in a vibrant array of forms. The event framed interventions as means of learning and teaching across disciplinary and institutional boundaries among students, colleagues, and communities within and outside the University.

Interventions No. 2: Women's Studies in Action (October 2015)

The 2015 symposium showcased cutting edge, feminist scholarship, art and activist work with a special focus on:

Bridging Gaps— Interdisciplinary work that bridged the gap between theory and praxis, between academic scholarship and community engagement.

New Media and Social Change—Projects that used digital humanities to engage with feminist theory and to explore the future of women’s studies within the academy and in the community.

Interrogating Intersectionality—Work that analyzed the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, nation, ability, religion and language.

Interventions No. 1: Women's Studies on The Edge (October 2013)

The first Interventions Symposium featured the work of students in women’s and gender studies and related fields in and beyond the mid-Atlantic region. The conference, free to all attendees, became an exciting reality on October 16, offering successive panels of cutting edge scholarship on four main topics: Fashion and Performance, Narrative and Storytelling, Navigating within and against the State, and (Il)legible Identities. Papers addressed a range of methodological, ethical, ideological and substantive issues, exploring connections among identities, lived experiences, and representations.

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