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D.C. Queer Studies

Each spring the department hosts a spring lecture or symposium to stimulate important conversations among the LGBTQ studies community in greater Washington, D.C.

In conjunction with the official start of the LGBTQ Studies Program at the University of Maryland in 2003 it began hosting an LGBT Studies Speaker Series. In 2006 a group of faculty from schools in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area formed to discuss new works in the field and to exchange, support, and cultivate new ways of engaging with LGBT/Queer/Sexuality Studies across the disciplines and across institutions. That group, the DC Queer Studies Consortium, was integral to the inception of the first DC Queer Studies Symposium in 2008. The DC Queer Studies Consortium has since dissolved, but the UMD Department of Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies Program have continued to organize a spring lecture or symposium.

View a slideshow of posters from previous events:

D.C.Queer Studies

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