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Harriet Tubman Day Call for Submissions

February 03, 2021 The Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Photograph of an old photo album showing a photograph of Harriet Tubman as a young woman seated

Help us celebrate Harriet Tubman Day by submitting artwork that celebrates what Harriet Tubman means to you or what it means to you that our name now honors her.  

Our newly renamed department will be hosting a virtual Harriet Tubman Day event on Wednesday, March 10 from 1:00-3:00pm. On that day, we want to feature the range of creative work our students do.

The event will include an opening address by ARHU Dean Bonnie Thornton Dill; a brief talk by Ms. Ernestine Wyatt, one of Harriet Tubman's descendants and a UMD alum; and a panel on discussing Harriet Tubman in our classroom. We then want to feature student work.

We invite all of you to submit art (broadly interpreted) that celebrates what Harriet Tubman means to you. Or, to express what it means to you that our department has changed its name in honor of Tubman.  

All students in the WGSS community or with an interest in Harriet Tubman's legacy are invited to submit any of the following forms of content:

  1. A pre-recorded 2-minutes long performance piece (can be poetry, dance, music, spoken word, etc.)
  2. Visual media (paintings, sketches, collages, etc.)
  3. A pre-recorded video message (2 minutes) about what Harriet Tubman means to you.

(We know you are capable of producing great papers and slide presentations, but on this day we also want to see other facets of your personal style.. any form that best expresses *you*!)

Please email your pre-recorded performance pieces or your images to We will then select them for showcasing on Mar 10, and also potentially feature them on our brand new department website (with your permission, of course). Our goal is to feature the range of wonderful things our students produce, and to give you opportunities to shine. (This is not a competition; it's an invitation to help us celebrate *you* as we celebrate our name change). We will not be able to have live performances during the event, and all submissions are due Monday, February 22nd.
We look forward to having you all join us March 10 and we especially look forward to featuring your art and performances!

-The Faculty of the Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies