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Interventions No. 1: Women's Studies on The Edge

For many months, graduate students in women’s studies at UM worked together to plan a symposium featuring the work of students in women’s and gender studies and related fields in and beyond the mid-Atlantic region. The conference, free to all attendees, became an exciting reality on October 16 2013, offering successive panels of cutting edge scholarship on four main topics:

  • Fashion and Performance,
  • Narrative and Storytelling,
  • Navigating within and against the State, and
  • (Il)legible Identities.

Papers addressed a range of methodological, ethical, ideological and substantive issues, exploring connections among identities, lived experiences, and representations.

Dr. Ana M. Perez, who recently received her Ph.D. in Women’s Studies from UM and who currently serves as Postdoctoral Associate in the Graduate School’s Office of Diversity Initiatives, was the keynote speaker.

The lunch hour provided, in addition to food, a showcase of creative work, including visual art and performance. The conference concluded with a reception.